This session is where we celebrate your achievements. You are amazing! It’s the chance to talk (or sing) about what you did. Make sure you make your mark, whether it is through radio broadcast we will produce or the creation of a stylised clock, perhaps a live blog…whatever your preferred method, we want to tell more people about what you achieved through European Commission funding, so here’s the chance to find your voice and shout from the rooftops.

Team Slam - Paulette
Yes you are amazing so now it’s your chance to celebrate through a poetry slam. In teams we will look back on your achievements and celebrate them. You will work in groups to challenge each other to look deeper and think bigger, giving us a taste of your experiences. Again there will be a chance to perform at the end of the day for those who are interested.

A Snapshot in time - Sue & Bob
Send us a photograph which sums up your experience in a youth project and we will enable you to tap the magnificence that is you and help you to produce a visual, permanent record of when you had the time of your life and create as you celebrate.

Graffiti Art - Marcus
Hyro Graff will be delivering a graphic and street art inspired expressive arts session. This session will involve participants creating stylized "key" words and colourful backgrounds using paint pens onto Vinyl disks (or small boards). With support of a professional Graffiti Artist the Participants will be encouraged to use their imagination and inject their own personality into the work.

Radio Workshop - Abel and Frances
Come and enter the world of radio!! You will be able to have a shout in what happens within this show and ask questions and interviews!! Also learn how the world of radio works and maybe be able to create your own shows!!!!!

Your blog, your showcase - Eva
With hundreds of millions of blogs online, and thousands of new ones created every day, anyone can blog but very few do so successfully. This workshop focuses on the effective planning, creating and maintaining of a blog. You will learn how to choose a topic, find your voice, use your own skills/experiences and communicate your ideas to an online audience in both a written and a visual perspective. You will learn how to present yourself on the social media and make employers want YOU for who you are.

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